About us

Our work

Our primary target audience are migrants especially of African origin living in Sweden. Families and their next of kin, workmates, students, Embassies, migrant shops, hair saloons, SFI schools for intense awareness campaigns and sensitazation about the importance of prevention of blood related infections like HIV+, Hepatatis and STI's.
Support, inspire and encouragement to test for HIV/Hepatatis/STI's regulary, practice safer sex and behaviour change.
Our second target audience is PLWHA (People living with Hiv/Aids). To lessen the stigma, stressing the importance of good adherence, enhancement of their quality of life, empowerment and capacity building, gender and bridge the gap about cultural/traditional values as regards HIV/Aids generally.


  • Team work

  • Respect

  • Tolerance

  • Equality

  • Secrecy